Downgrade iOS 4.1 to 4.0 on iPhone

Downgrade iOS 4.1 to 4.0 on iPhone

Now that you have already upgraded to iOS 4.1. Now you want test some app on 4.0 or some feature is working in 4.0 and not in 4.0 . So here is the Method

Stuff you will need

  1. iTunes 9.2 (latest iTunes
  2. iOS 4.0 Firmware
  3. iRecovery (Mac)
  4. LibUSB Library Package (Mac)

Downgrade iOS  4.1 OS to 4.0 on iPhone 4, 3G & 3GS

1. Download iOS 4.0 firmware file.

2. Connect iPhone to computer

3. Now Start iTunes 9.2 and Windows (Alt Key+ Click Restore) Mac (Hold Option + Click Restore), Now manually select iOS 4.0 firmware.

4. During the restore process you will get an 1015 error. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Just click on Ok and close iTunes.

5. Now open terminal on Mac/ Command Prompt on Windows and type following commands

cd Desktop

. / iRecovery -s

setenv auto-boot true




Now unplug your iPhone and turn it off by pressing the home+power button

Once it is off, turn it on by pressing the power button. Plug-in your iPhone and load iTunes to continue with the activation

That’s it we have successfully downgraded iOS 4.1 to 4.0 on iPhone


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